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    Marquee Events Management

    Marquee Events Management offers consultation, planning, and management assistance for special events throughout Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley. With decades of experience in events management working with corporate and not-for-profit sectors, Wendy Falkowski offers her clients unparalleled service whether you need to plan a conference, community-wide festival or you are hosting a $1,000 per plate fundraising dinner.

    "Every event is a challenge. And the challenge is to ensure you are giving your client the best service they deserve." Wendy Falkowski, Founder of Marquee Events Management


    Non-Profit Consultation

    Wendy Falkowski is an active member of her community and has years of experience working with and for not-for-profit organizations, whether as a volunteer, board member or as an Executive Director. Over the years, Wendy has amassed a knowledge base that makes her uniquely qualified to offer consultation services for non-profit organizations. We are able to offer assistance and guidance for nearly every aspect of your organization from administration to governance.

    “I believe in community spirit. I believe in volunteering. If citizens do not contribute, there is no community. We want to live in a place we are proud of and we want a place for our children to call home and become good citizens who in turn will carry on the legacy.”Wendy Falkowski, Founder


    Special Events

    At Marquee Events Management, we believe that a special event should stand out and be memorable for guests. This is why we will work with you to ensure that your special event is unique, engaging, and leaves a last impression for years to come.

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    Conferences & Corporate Events

    Conferences and corporate events are an excellent way to increase the exposure and reputation of businesses and organizations. A corporate event with Marquee Events can elevate your standing within your industry and help to facilitate new business.

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    For most people, a wedding is the biggest and most complex event that they will ever host. Let Marquee Events Management take away some of the stress and help you plan your big day, from booking the venue to cutting the cake and everything in between

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